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What Is a Favicon and How Do I Create One for My Website?

Many individuals neglect the one finishing touch that may make a great difference when creating a website: a favorite. This modest site design addition appears much larger than it is – don't underestimate its significance.

What makes a favicon such a significant web design element? In this essay, we'll discuss its significance and teach you all you need to know about creating one.

What is a favicon image?

A favicon is a tiny 16x16 pixel symbol used to represent a website or web page in computer browsers. Favicons, which stand for "favorite icon," are often displayed on tabs at the top of a web browser, but they may also be seen on your browser's bookmark bar, history, and in search results, beside the website url.

Favicons may even display on your browser's homepage in some cases, such as Google Chrome. In other words, when you build a favicon, it serves as your website's icon, or a visual identification that people may use to find your website on the internet.

Favicons and SEO

Favicons have no direct effect on a site's SEO. A favicon's attributes, on the other hand, can organically boost how highly your site ranks in search results since they make it easier for browsers to recognise and improve overall user experience.

How to make a favicon

First of all, the favicon should be a condensed version of your brand logo. Since it is an extension of your branding efforts, it should enhance rather than detract from the brand identity you have already established. Consider hiring a professional designer to help you with this. However, you can create one yourself using a design software of your choice or one of the various online tools. Below the article we offer you a completely free tool to create your own logo.

The tool works with the desktop only or the computer browser

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