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Make money online with adbtc

How to Make money on the Internet with adbtc

Online advertising is evolving and you now have the right to get paid for it! Earn online for free.The following site helps you to earn money without investment adbtc

what is adbtc?

The website allows you to bring in money online if you do not put much effort. It is superior to other combinations of websites, it is not mining, it is simply making money online by viewing websites from its own advertisements by advertisers, generally related profitable destinations online.

what is adbtc?

The URL was listed in 2016 and is located in Russia, but we don't know anything else about adBTC admins. Unfortunately, this is a typical thing with fixtures, adBTC has a key element, their PTC promotions. You click on their promotions to browse, stand by for a few moments and win Satoshis. Bouquets of Satoshi.

How is work adbtc?

First, you must open an account on the site with your personal information. After the registration procedure you log into the account, a page will appear like the one you see in the image above. Then click on Surf ads to get coins. After clicking on Surf ads, a promotion will appear on the right side (ads may not appear when you open the record. All things considered, nothing to disappoint. Try a few hours or a day later). Now click on the "Open" button which will take longer to get to another site. Stand for a while after visiting this site. They will take you back to the Adbtc website. At the same time, your winnings will be added to the balance.

On the heels of getting some money here, in case the text displays "I've noticed every single one of the ads that can be accessed at the moment". Then, at this point, you will see more promotions by clicking on Browse Ads more than once. You can also buy the ruble here. It's Russian money. Via Payeer Bank.

Ways to earn from the site Adbtc :

The site Adbtc  provides you with six ways to profit from it, and you can also double your profit from the site through the referral strategy, which I will explain some displaying detailed information about the site Adbtc  and the way to register in it:

Register on the site:

  • Go to the site Adbtc 
  • Enter your email and password to register, The password must be unique, which you do not use on other sites As shown in the picture
  • You will receive an email to confirm your account
  • We go to the login page, we log in with our email and the password that we created, we solve the captcha and log in to the control panel as shown in the following images 1 and 2.

Ways to earn from the site:

Here we will find a list with many links. Each link contains the cost of the advertisement you are watching from the satoshi and a counter in seconds, do not close it until it ends and when it is finished, it will give you a captcha that you solve

In this type of offer, you click on it to open a new window through which it displays ads automatically with a counter of seconds and the cost of the ads viewed, and the ad is automatically changed without your intervention. The amount of ads here is limited     

This is the best offer on the site, as it presents you with a group of advertisements for companies that advertise on the site, where you find newly established sites that place high-value advertisements, and the value of advertisements increases according to the price of Bitcoin     show image

  • Video ads
Watch available video ads about new companies here are paid by rubles and when ads run out come back later, new sites add several times a day. show image

  • Shortlinks
A set of shortening links is presented to you. Each link short has a specific value of rubles. Upon completion of each link, it will be added to your balance in rubles. show image

Refer people via your link link to get an additional income of 5% of each person's income

Proof of withdrawal from the site adbtc

Proof of withdrawal from the site