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Cryptocurrency news

Better and worse inflation

The issue of inflation is a very sensitive subject. Inflation reached 8.5 percent in the last month, which corresponds to the fact that the purchasing power for you also decreased, and this matter is very worrying and the markets are affected by such news that affects prices in a very large way, as there have been many fluctuations that have affected the prices recently. On currency rates of rise and fall and others. How will this affect us as traders, of course, in normal life, we as human beings are affected by this aspect that affects the prices of commodities in terms of their rise and decrease in purchasing power.

From this matter, most people will think about finding solutions in the context of this exacerbation, which has negatively affected, so we will resort to searching for additional sources of income to solve this problem. How can we find additional sources of income at the present time with the availability of cryptocurrency markets that provide all investors with many ways of profit Including through trading and storage in exchange for interest and others without any restrictions.

Cryptocurrency adoption

At the present time, many investors in the field of digital currencies with money. We have noticed in the recent declines, many money owners resorted to strengthening the purchase of currencies during the decline to achieve the largest profit from the digital currency market, and this is based on plans and millions of dollars that are spent on This area is one of these groups, the Luna group, where they bought more than 850 bitcoins during the decline that occurred. The goal of this move from the Luna group is to support its currency, the ust currency, which is considered stable in a decentralized way and based on the strength of Bitcoin in order to invest at the far level away from Daily speculation by virtue of the fact that the price of the bitcoin, according to analysts' expectations, will touch high points in the future.

matic and green investment

One of the important topics in the year 2022 is the topic of preserving the environment in terms of how to preserve it and preserve the environment for future generations. By investing in these projects, Polygon has created a new smart contract for an encrypted electronic currency whose project is based on the environment, and the company has acknowledged that it will support all developers who adopt this currency contract in terms of the characteristics of the currency, of course in contributing to the environment and supporting associations that support clean energies and the goal is to produce energy In fact, cleanliness and the consolidation of the idea of ​​environmental protection in the community as a whole.

Cryptocurrency news

Fidelity has opened an investment fund related to digital currencies and metaverses, where it admitted that it will open investment funds related to what we said earlier, as this matter will generally affect digital currencies in a positive way and give a new acceptance to them so that this step will provide many investors in this field. The step, if applied, is a great gateway to them and a big step in the crypto world

Circle, the holder of the second stable digital currency in the world, usdc, has funded to search for ways that allow the integration of the cryptocurrency field with the normal traditional market, that is, financing traditional companies in general with their own currency to expand the scope of their use in terms of acceptance, such as buying shares in digital currencies and others, where this step is a great encouragement For many major institutions to invest in the field of digital currencies, which will give it greater breadth and greater acceptance