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Google AdSense Approval Tricks 2022

Google Adsense Admission Requirements 2022

Adsense is a subsidiary of Google, which is characterized by two unique characteristics, the first of which is Adsense provides advertising space for all sites and companies to advertise their projects and sites they own in general, and in return, it provides another category with an opportunity to monetize through content, meaning by creating a website or Blogger blog Be elegant and coordinated, and to be accepted into the Adsense company, there are conditions, which are the conditions for acceptance in the Adsense partnership, and I will talk about them based on my personal experience, and they are as follows

  1. First, let's talk about articles. Writing articles in the blog The article in the Blogger blog should be well-formed and beautiful so that the visitor likes while reading and continuing to browse the site and topics. Use the headlines and sub-headings in the articles. Use a few pictures, even if your article is a lot of words
  2. Create the following main pages, about the site page, the usage policy page, the privacy policy page, and the contact us page, and you must respect the applicable terms
  3. Create exclusive content or articles in your own personal style without prejudice to the rights of other sites, copyrights so that you will not be rejected or your account closed
  4. Working on archiving articles by linking the site to Google Console to speed up archiving articles and speed up Adsense acceptance
  5. Ensure that the links on the site or blog are working and that there is no error 404
  6. The number of articles must be at least 20 to 30 articles, and one or two articles can be accepted, and so on

This is one of the popular and well-known conditions for admission to Adsense, although I did not talk about all of them, and in the coming articles I will explain them in detail and how to do and solve them