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Editing the site and adding pages


Add content to your website

At first, you should focus on specific content in working on it on the site regarding your publications that you will publish. Adsense policies we will choose, for example, the topic of news first, I will divide the pages of the site as follows

Go to blogger dashboard and choose Pages. I will choose the following titles , We will create the following pages

  • Privacy policy
  • About the site
  • call us

Click on the New Page option

- We write the first title for the first page and it is the privacy policy page. You can search in Google for any of the ready-made pages. There are kefir sites that provide this service for free. We write the address and write the content of the privacy policy as shown, taking into account the format and coordination in writing

You can use this website that provides this service privacy policy generator

We write the text that is generated on the site you talked about, we paste it as shown, we save the page as the privacy policy

Now we create the following page with the name About the site, whose content comes here to you and the content of the site in general in a simple and less nonsense way

As shown in the picture, here is the site that will help you create a page and words about your project or content  link 

Now we are creating a page to contact us via a specific code that will be pasted on one side html As follows 

Copy the following code and paste it on the next page          link  the code

As shown in the picture, the model has been shown

As you can see now, we have created the first first pages of the site, which we will work on showing in the template in a simple and beautiful way. We will now go to the planning field.

We choose the next option for the pages, which will automatically appear to you with this beautiful template as follows

 Click here to add pages , As you can see in the pictures, the pages that we have created are complete here. We add one by one and save


We are now heading to the site to see the result, as you can see, the first pages have been successfully and simplified

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