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How to Connect Namecheap Domain to Blogger in 2022


Connect namecheap domain to blogger blog 2022

We offer you an explanation to link namecheap domain to Blogger blog 100% correctly and smoothly, so that you can run the domain on your blog normally.

I have previously explained in detail a topic on how to buy a NameShip domain name, and this topic is about how to link NameShip domain to a Blogger blog in detail and in the same way as I did for my blog.

1- go to the blog board you want to link the domain to in Blogger.

2- Second, click Settings,

3- Go to the publishing settings section in the settings, click on the custom domain

4- Write the domain name that you have purchased as follows, as in the image

5- When you click on the word save, a sentence will appear stating that there is an error, which is in the following form, but this message contains a total of data that we will put on the hosting site to connect the domain

6- Leave the page open in Blogger as it is and open a new page in the browser and enter your NameSheep account and enter the control panel for the domain as in the picture or click here and click on Manage in front of the domain you run in Blogger.

- Here we head to the NameShape website, to the control panel, and then to my domain. The domain we purchased will appear

7- Click on the site setup option as shown to move to the next page

8-  Click on the  DNS advanced

9-  And click on Advanced DNS and delete any existing data related to domains and write all the data as in this image except for the domain data in Blogger like the image above.

First delete everything on this page and follow me exactly like this written

10- Fill in the information as shown in the image and press Save

11- We go to a custom domain page to save the domain and activate the redirect feature so that the domain works with us after about half an hour as follows

12- We also do https

13- Go to the site to make sure it is working normally

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