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How to Buy a Domain Name? - from Namecheap

Today we will learn how to buy a domain from Namecheap, one of the best global companies for cheapest domain reservation and hundreds of premium extensions, as well as free whois privacy protection for life to protect your personal data. With a discount of up to 99%: the explanation will be detailed to help all the newbies who buy domain name for the first time, then we will go through the most important DNS and nameserver settings that you need to modify to associate the domain with blogger blog

What is Namecheap?

Namecheap is an ICANN-authorize space name enlistment center giving area name enrollment and web facilitating situated in Phoenix, Arizona, US. Namecheap is a financial plan facilitating supplier with 11 million enrolled clients and 10 million spaces.

Steps to buy a domain name from namecheap:

Follow the steps below to purchase a domain plate and modify the most important settings for the domain

  1. The first step is to obtain the discount coupon.
  2.  Find the domain you want to buy
  3.  Create a new account and choose your payment method

1- The first step is to obtain the discount coupon.

First, get the discount coupon to save up to 99% of the domain value and get free whois privacy for life, a service that protects your personal data of name, email, address, mobile number and other whois sites and thus you protects your data from being stolen by hackers and spammers With this special link you can enter a special page for up to 99% off some very special extensions and buy a domain name from Namecheap for less than $1

99 Cent Domain Names

Among the most important of these domains that you can reserve for only 98 cents are .online, .site, .space, .fun, .pw, .press, .host, .club, .website

And if you want to reserve the .com, dotnet or org domain, you can go to the official deals page on the Namecheap website to see the latest coupons on the domain and hosting and choose the discount coupon that is right for you.

2- Find the domain you want to buy

After entering the deals page and getting the appropriate coupon, you can now search for the domain you want to buy on Namecheap

Within the offer page, where you can buy the domain name for 98 cents, simply type the domain you want to buy into the search box and then click search.

Click Domains, then Domain Name Search in the top main menu, then type the domain you are looking for, then click Search to go to the results page

  • If the domain you are looking for is available, click add to cart, add to cart next to the domain
  • If the domain with the extension you are looking for is not available, you will find that the domain is available for sale, you can click make an offer to see the price to buy this domain, or the domain is not available at all and you need to search a new domain or the same domain with another extension
  • In the first section of the search results, you will also find some suggested results for some domains and extensions related to the domain you are searching for.
  • After that, you will find the results that include the domain with the most important extensions, available or not available
  • After choosing the domain with the extension you want and it is available, click Add to Cart to add to cart
  • After that, click View Cart to enter the cart on Namecheap

You can now enter the discount coupon that you got from the deals page on Namecheap, which you entered in the first step, and through the Namecheap coupons available here. You can also get the latest discount coupons that are currently available as an example, use this 98special coupon to get the domain for only 98 cents In one of these extensions .online, .site, .space, .fun, .pw, .press, .host, .club, .website, and to get a coupon for .com domain and other extensions, go to Coupons & Discount Codes page, the official page on NameShip which is constantly updated

  • Type the coupon or discount code in the specified place, then click on apply to activate the coupon
  • After activating the coupon, review your shopping cart and if you want to purchase additional services, and after completion, click on confirm the purchase process

3- Create a new account and choose a payment method

After that, you will start entering your new account details on Namecheap, then create an account. Create an account. Enter your details by choosing the username for the account, then choose the password, the password for your account, then type again then type the first and last name and email, then click create account and continue to create Account and complete the purchase process, then fill in a few simple details to enter the payment options and complete the purchase process

Now choose the payment method you want and namecheap offers three different payment methods namely

  • Visa and MasterCard cards, and what distinguishes Namecheap is that it accepts all types of Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards, direct debit and credit
  • Paypal is the most famous electronic bank
  • Your account funds are in your account funds, which you can top up via Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Bitcoin and other digital currencies.
  • Choose the payment method that is right for you and here we will choose PayPal to complete the checkout process, then click continue

After that, you will enter the payment confirmation page, click pay with paypal to enter your PayPal account and complete the payment process

After completing the purchase process, you will receive a message to your e-mail to confirm the ownership of the new domain, and this step will be the first time for you when purchasing the domain, after which Namecheap will use your default settings from the e-mail and address data to confirm the ownership of the domain name.

After that, you can login to your Namecheap account and enter the Dashboard of your account, through which you can make various modifications and procedures on the domains, hosting and paid products you have purchased, or enter the Domain list to access all the domain names that you have purchased