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What is Zuki Moba?

Zuki Moba is a MOBA Esport (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game created with a decentralized community economy app. The in-game NFT is used to create characters, game objects, and Metaverse structures. In addition, the Play to Earn mechanism is implemented to create economic benefits for players, and create a single point compared to traditional MOBA games. The game is based on the traditional Japanese snowball game (Iukigassen), which is known worldwide for its engaging nature of sports, entertainment, competitions and engaging online battles, and can be developed into a global e-sports game.

It brings you the most innovative gaming experience and the most lucrative earning opportunities while promoting the expansion of the Binance smart chain ecosystem and the mass adoption of blockchain applications.

Zuki Mobe's mission is not just to create an esports game, but a platform game that connects cryptocurrency owners with players and streaming screens. These three components will create a sustainable ecosystem that makes gaming, participation and game participation known to the world.

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Total Airdrop Amount: 10,000 NFT

Number of Winners: 10,000

Participants: 10,125,490