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Explanation of the socpublic site to earn the Russian ruble currency

what is socpublic?

Socpublic is one of the best sites to earn rubles for free and without investment, the Russian site through which you can earn rubles only by completing simple tasks where you can reach a profit of 100 rubles per day.

What is a Russian ruble?

The Russian ruble is the official national currency of the state of Russia now or the former Soviet Union, yes this is a concept, the strange thing here is why the ruble currency is traded and dealt with so much in the world of profit from the Internet among the pioneers of profitable sites, although the dollar or the euro, for example, are considered the best paper currencies And the most common of them, apart from the great stability that you enjoy, is the Japanese yen used to the extent that the Russian ruble is dealt with globally?

Certainly the answer is no, the ruble currency has managed to draw a place among the strongest digital currencies despite its weak value, and you may be wondering now about the exchange rate of the Russian ruble? The price of the ruble against the dollar has witnessed a sharp decline since the beginning of tension in relations between the United States of America and Russia at the beginning of 2014 due to the political circumstances that led to the exchange of sanctions between the Americans and Russia behind a major collapse of the Russian currency, as the exchange rate of the ruble against the dollar reached more than 70 rubles against the dollar .

Earn money by completing tasks  

Simple earnings on the Internet, for the performance of small tasks of our advertisers. From a simple transition to the site to registration with activity, the more difficult the more earnings.

Register on the site through the following link
We pass to this option the option to register on the site

We fill in the blanks as in the following image.

Solve the captcha and pass the site terms and register, then you will get the account link in the email you registered on the site
Now login to the site with your username and password here

When you log in, you tend to complete your account setup to start working and withdrawing normally.
Proof of withdrawal from the site and other amounts used to promote the site